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Masih Parvaz Travel Agency

Masih parvaz Tour & Travel Agency (MPTA) was established on 2000 and has been working for more than one decade on incoming tours. MPTA is the member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and the Association of Air Transport and Tourist Agencies of Iran (AATTAI), meanwhile it has the official authorization of Civil Airline Organization (CAO).

Masih Parvaz has been pioneer in holding of incoming superior tours and with introducing of different itineraries in proportion of seasons of the year draw the Travel goers attention every year. MPTA has focused on Chinese Tours and has a long time background on working with the most of Tour and Travel Service Company in Beijing, Shanghai … and at this moment has many partner in Iran especially in the field of Oil & Telecommunication Industry. MPTA has full ability in handling of Tailor Made tour (individual and group packages) as well.

MPTA is expert in operating of Exhibition Tour Services and for the sake of long time contract with the outstanding Hotels in Tehran and other cities , MPTA is able to book and reserve the accommodation even in very high traffic time (high season ,… and so on) with the reasonable price. Obtaining Visa and accomplishment of VIP & CIP services are the other activities that our Company is able to do.

Execution of the best quality of travel services in the Operating Tours and Hotel Reservation have been always the great honor for us in the Iranian Tourism Industry.


Iranian Advance Online Ticket Booking Website (Provided by MPTA )

Mobile Support

if you are not comfortable enough to use a desktop or laptop Devices to book a flight, you can use our Android application to make it easier with three different kind of languages including English, Chinese and Persian


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Its Easy to use our online Booking Services to reserve or buy a ticket from all airlines to any where.

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We Support you 24 hours a day which you can text us by Telegram or make a call to our numbers anytime

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